Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heroes of my childhood

The meeting was exclusive, and the press did not participate. Was a great honor to personally meet with these heroes.

Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko
He was the member of Air Force Group 1 - like Yuri Gagarin! Ha was the commander of Soyuz 24 and Soyuz 37.

Valeri Nikolayevich Kubasov
He was the Flight Engineer of Soyuz 6 and Soyuz 19 - the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. This project marked the end of the Space Race. And he was the commaner of Soyuz 36 - mission of the first Hungarian in space.

Bertalan Farkas
The first Hungarian cosmonaut. When I was a kid, I watched open-mouthed at the sky.

Mikhail Vladislavovich Tyurin
He was more than 344 days in space! Member of STS-105, Expedition 3, STS-108, Soyuz TMA-9, Expedition 14 missions. Tyurin has performed four career spacewalks. Tyurin's EVA time through four spacewalks is 17 hours and 14 minutes.

Some other pictures of the meeting:

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Close & far

Few pictures, which contain impressions of close and far in Hipstamatic style. They are made with Photoscape. I add more blur the edges and sharpened the center.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hipstamatic effect

I like the Hipstamatic style photos. Ok, I know - it's too cool :) But it add a new and interesting feeling for the simple photographs.
I find a great description for the Photoscape and I try it. I think the result is amazing.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A ranch in HDR

Today I visited a western ranch. While my daughter was riding - I made some pictures of interesting buildings on the ranch.
I used my Canon 60D in AEB mode, and selected +1,3 over and -1,3 under exposure. I made pictures without tripod. I used burst mode. The images were processed by Photomatix Pro and Bibble for post-production.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Applying lighting techniques

This assignment was the hardest for me. I used the natural lights before that. This assignment took twice as long as, in the past. But I feel that I have learned to use and handle the lights.
For this assignment I use the house of a see snail - of course it's empty :) It has nice color, detailed surface and special shape.
Sometimes the lighting was very difficult because the object is asymmetrical and different thicknesses.

First time I used a white reflector. It did not give satisfactory results. Then I thought that I placed the soft box behind the object. First, the top of the shell got too much light. I set the lamp lower - and I get the nice shape.

The shell spines are very characteristic -  I wanted to show. I tryed many settings, but all too many seemed to object. I wanted to emphasize the thorns. I used a hard light to highlight the forms. I put a spot light above and behind the shell. The node of light is very restricted. The hard shadows present the form of the object.

For this image I used a spotlight on the right side of the lens. This resulted in a beautiful picture, but the shadows on the dark side are very hard. I used a white reflector to give light to the dark parts, but the shadows do not lose as completely.

The shell side is white with yellow and brown stripes. I placed two soft-boxes next to the camera, in same level of the object. It was a very schematic picture. I placed a warm light spot over the shell. This give a nice sparkle to the top of the object.

When I was experimenting in the spot light, I saw that the shell is translucent in the bright light. I tried to find a situation where the light is not distracting but illuminating the shell.

This image is interesting from that I used a torch for illumination. I used long exposure time, and I quickly moved the torch around the object. I made a lot of pictures, but it's the most balanced.

Shiny surfaces

Shiny statuettes, without tracing paper cone

Shiny statuettes, with tracing paper cone

Shiny metal flower, without tracing paper cone

Shiny metal flower, with tracing paper cone

Contrast & shadow fill

Without diffuser & reflector

Without diffuser, far white reflector

Without diffuser, close white reflector

Without diffuser, far foil reflector
Without diffuser, close foil reflector

Without diffuser, far crupmled-foil reflector

Without diffuser, close crumpled-foil reflector

With diffuser, without reflector

With diffuser, far white reflector

With diffuser, close white reflector

With diffuser, far foil reflector

With diffuser, close foil reflector

With diffuser, far crumpled-foil reflector

With diffuser, close crumpled-foil reflector