Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heroes of my childhood

The meeting was exclusive, and the press did not participate. Was a great honor to personally meet with these heroes.

Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko
He was the member of Air Force Group 1 - like Yuri Gagarin! Ha was the commander of Soyuz 24 and Soyuz 37.

Valeri Nikolayevich Kubasov
He was the Flight Engineer of Soyuz 6 and Soyuz 19 - the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. This project marked the end of the Space Race. And he was the commaner of Soyuz 36 - mission of the first Hungarian in space.

Bertalan Farkas
The first Hungarian cosmonaut. When I was a kid, I watched open-mouthed at the sky.

Mikhail Vladislavovich Tyurin
He was more than 344 days in space! Member of STS-105, Expedition 3, STS-108, Soyuz TMA-9, Expedition 14 missions. Tyurin has performed four career spacewalks. Tyurin's EVA time through four spacewalks is 17 hours and 14 minutes.

Some other pictures of the meeting: