Saturday, 25 June 2011

Excercise: Outdoors at night

The recent task was to process night lights. I love taking photos at night. Lights are entirely different; the city shows a strange face.

While taking photos of buildings, I try to seek settings where light and dark parts can be seen in the picture. I used low sensitivity and narrow aperture most of the time for reaching low noise levels and large depth of field. Shutter speeds were 5-30 sec depending on the lighting.


The movements made a strange effect with those long shutter speeds. I tried to show those in these pictures below.


Walking in the office quarter, I found buildings where there was work after 10 pm. And fast food restaurants have proven to be an excellent topic for large interior photographing.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Excercise: The lighting angle

In this task, we examined the effects of lighting with various light angles. For the analysis of the topic, I tried to lock every outside effect out, and work in a dark studio, with flash being the only light source. I envisioned a portrait-like effect, so I tried to achieve a bit sharpness of depth, with a low aperture and large focal distance. I use a small (40x40cm) softbox for lighting.


I think this position gives the best 3 dimensional effect, because the flash lighting the back and - slightly - front too. The shadows gives the spatial effect.

I prefer this light position, because it illuminates the face and highlight the contours.

(pointing down)

(slightly in front)
This position highlight the lines of the face without 3 dimensional effect of the body.

(slightly behind)

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Today I was walking in a field. I saw many wonderful things, and I captured few pictures.